Eager Beaver Splitter

The Eager Beaver Splitter is a high powered splitter made to handle massive log rounds.  With a wide, shallow splitting chamber, the Eager Beaver can break up rounds of any diameter - even oversized rounds.  

High Powered Splitter
20.8 HP Honda Engine
Unlimited Log Diameter
Fast Cycle Time

High Power, High Mobility

The Eager Beaver Firewood Splitter is made to go where other splitters can't, and split what others won't.  If you have big trees deep in your forest plot that you just can't move, the Eager Beaver will make quick work of the cut pieces.  The log lift allows you to get rounds up into the machine and split those rounds into manageable pieces.


The Eager Beaver's log lift makes it possible to load huge rounds without breaking your back.  Simply roll them on and let the machine do the heavy lifting.

The wide, shallow splitting chamber allows for massive rounds to be split and resplit as needed.  The design allows for theoretically unlimited log diameters.


The adjustable wedge allows you to create firewood pieces that are the size you want.  With options for 2, 4, or 6 way splitting, you can split the firewood exactly as you need it.

The Eager Beaver features a 25 ton, heavy duty ram, made to split large, hardwood rounds.  With a 5 second cycle time, the ram is both fast and powerful, allowing you to get more done.