Multitek Rim Crushers

Multitek Rim Crushers have many features that are well suited for your rim recyling operation.  

35 hp Diesel or 25 hp 3-Phase Electric
Optional Stationary Or On Wheels
Turns Rims to #1 Scrap
Fast, Powerful, Lasts a Lifetime

Multitek now offers salvage, landfill operators, and tire recyclers a truck rim crusher model TRC-460 and a car and light truck rim crusher model WC-500.  Both models feature AR-400 crushing beams with Multitek exclusive wear pad design and industry leading durability with many machines still operating in the field that were made in the early 1980's.  

The Model WC-500 featuers a triple ram design making a clean quick sweep of rims in one fast pass.  The WC-500 has a 32" opening and can crush rims easily with its 20 second cycle time and powerful crushing force.  

Model TRC-460 boasts a beastlike 6" crushing ram for crushing truck rims with ease.  The cycle time on the TRC is a fast 35 seconds making quick work of your rims.