Used 2013 Multitek 1616 w/conveyor $29,500 Only 230 hours

Just In Multitek 1616 3 Strand 2013 $29,500

Very Nice Clean Unit!!!

Only 230 hrs. 

The one operator machine will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 18” in diameter and 20’ long at a rate of up to 2.5 full cords per hour.

The 1616EZ firewood processor features standard hydraulic wobblestick joysticks for increased firewood production and ease of use for the operator.  With an integral 15' conveyor with 10' discharge height, stockpiling firewood is fast and easy.  The machine is also available with seperate 20', 30', and 35' conveyors.  

The machine comes standard with a 3-strand hydrauilc powered live deck that accomodates logs as long as 20' in length.  The live deck is also on a hydrauilc lift to put the machine in transport mode with minimal effort. 

The splitting wedges are quickly interchangeable and hydraulically adjustable so you can center each log round into equal splits if desired.  If small diameter log rounds are common, the operator can efficiently split multiple log rounds at the same time to increase production. 

Gas engine 34 HP Kohler


2013 Multitek 1616 3 Strand only 130 hrs!!