Multitek Tradeshow Schedule

Visit a tradeshow near you this year to learn more about our products and demo our equipment.

1620 SS, Disc Cleaner

Multitek 2040xp2 Pro, Multitek 1620 SS, Disc Cleaner and 30' Conveyor

Equipment: 2040xp2, 1620 SS Disc Cleaner and 30' conveyor

2040 XP2, 1620SS, Disc Cleaner and 30' Conveyor

Multitek Pro Model 2040xp2, 1620 SS, 1610EZ, Disc Cleaner and 30' Conveyor

Equipment: 2040xp2 and 30' conveyor, Model 1620 SS and 30' conveyor and Disc Cleaner

Kentucky Wood Expo

1620, Disc Cleaner and 30' conveyor

Equipment: 2040xp2 SS Firewood Processor, 1620 SS Firewood Processor and Disc Cleaner