Firewood Tumblers

Are you tired of receiving complaints from your customers about chips and debris?  The Multitek Wood Tumbler is the solution.  

4 ft Diameter Barrel
Multiple Barrel Lengths
Adjustable Height
Pivoting Chute
With features that include a 4 foot diameter barrel 10 feet long, adjustable height, pivoting chute, optional 13' foot offloading conveyor, and debris catching pans to collect the debris in a central area.

The wood tumbler is a great way to gather the debris and then use it to heat your firewood kiln, mix into your mulch, or sell the kindling to existing customers. 

The wood tumbler can be powered by an electric, or hydraulic motor and can be used with small firewood processors, or high capacity firewood processing machinery.

Integrate the Multitek firewood tumbler into your firewood business today to cleanup your finished product. Check out our YouTube videos to see just how much debris this tumbler can clean out of your finished product.