Multitek's 1620SS is made for mobility, speed, and ease of use. If you want ultra-fast processing combined with ease of transport, this is the machine for you!

3-5 Cords per hour
49 HP Kohler Diesel
20ft max log length
18in max log diameter

High performance guaranteed!

The 1620SS is designed to cut and split 3 to 5 cords of firewood per hour.  The 1620SS is professionally engineered with just two joystick controls to be the most efficient, safest, and operator friendly mid-sized machine available on the market.  With a 4 second cycle time, this machine will efficiently cut and split your hardwood logs into saleable firewood. 


The 40" saw blade turns at 1400 rpm and is moved by dual piston hydraulics that keep the cutting process incredibly smooth.  The 30 carbide insert teeth typically last about 500 hours of running time, essentially eliminating downtime for maintenance.

All our circular saws come standard with a hydraulic saw brake.  As soon as the saw is shut off, the brake stops the spinning blade in about 10 seconds.  This makes it far safer for someone to access parts of the machine that may need attention while the processor is running.  Unlike the brakes on your car, the hydraulic brake puts no wear on the circular blade, preserving the life of the saw.

Two electric-over-hydraulic joysticks make the 1620SS extremely easy to operate.  With both hands working the controls, operators can cut, split, and advance logs all at once.  Even new operators can quickly become proficient.

The 1620SS features log flippers on its live deck to ensure logs never get stuck.  The log flippers grab the log at the edge of the live deck and aid their roll into the trough.  This makes it possible to load crooked or skinny logs without a problem.

The 1620SS features a 3-strand, power folding deck.  The deck hydraulically raises and lowers for rapid deployment with minimal labor.  This makes the machine extremely easy to transport and set up.