Multitek Core Splitter

In a world where the demand for material resources continues to grow, the basic need for minerals is evident all around us.  The Multitek Model HCS-400 hydraulic core splitter was developed to assist mineral exploration companies that analyze drill core samples taken from deep within the earth's surface. 

Splits up to 10 M of core per hour
Air Freight Worldwide

The Multitek HCS-400 is a basic geologist research tool and is engineered and manufactured to be quickly dismantled into a compact size, allowing the machine to be transported to remote areas.  

The Multitek HCS-400 hydraulic core splitter can be powered by the use of a standard electric motor or an optional small gasoline engine.  Utilizing hydraulic force and special heat-treated and hardened steel blades, a core of up to 7" long can be taken and then split in half.  

The Multitek HCS-400 clamp system features a unique design that allows very small core such as BQ size to easily be split as well as larger core diameters.  Our customers find the machine to be far more useful and earth conscious compared to core saws because the HCS-400 splitter eliminates the need for a lubricant, such as water which then needs to be discarded.  

The HCS-400 core splitter can productively split up to 10 meter of core per hour drastically reducing labor cost for your company.  The machine is available in 50 hz and 60 hz frequency for use around the world.